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3D Projection Mapping ✕ Water Tanks !


= Happy the 3rd  Anniversary for Kyoto Aquarium =

Kyoto Aquarium has raised up to the 3rd year, so they have been doing “3D Projection Mapping” from this March 21st on Saturday!

The theme is ….

“Aquarium Fantasy 〜Let’s imagine〜”

They offer 4 areas of 3D Projection Mapping at one time!


1. “Primitive”

〜The ancient times and the Past 〜

This area shows the identities which have not changed since the ancient times, especially “Giant Salamander” is highlight of this stage !! So check it out !

2. “Earth “

〜The places there is the living-life〜

You will be able to find the creatures that you cannot find at aquarium as the king of herrings which are usually in the depth of the sea throughout this 3D projection mapping ! Enjoy this mysterious stage !

3. “Cosmos”

〜The cosmos and the Future〜

In this area, the jellyfishes look like flying in the cosmos, and you will be able to feel like being in the cosmos.

4. “Dream”

〜A Penguin’s Dream〜

This stage is 【limited-version】

Only from March 23rd to the end of this April, 18:00 to 20:00 !

This area shows us the collaboration with the Penguin’s world and Kyoto.

Penguins sometimes are surprised at being with this 3D projection mapping and enjoy it, so check their expression and the motion ! It must be so cute !!

Throughout this 3D Projection Mapping, you will be able to not just watch but feel the real world where the living creatures!

Let’s check more photos at Kyoto Aquarium Facebook page and their special web page (down below) !


FB page (in Japanese ): https://www.facebook.com/Kyoto.aquarium.official?fref=nf

Web page (in Japanese): http://www.kyoto-aquarium.com/news/2015/02/3thanniversary.html 


In addition to this 3D projection mapping show, they also offer you guys outside right-up show which shows the silhouette of animals which is usually in Kyoto village-vicinity mountain areas. This area is also limited version so that has opened until the end of this April, 18:00-20:00.

Here is the information of Kyoto Aquarium ….

Web site (in English): http://www.kyoto-aquarium.com/en/index.html

And also Kodaiji Zen Temple offers 3D projection mapping from March 6th to May 6th so let check it out as well !



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