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Thomas Alva Edison and Kyoto? How are they related?


Thomas Alva Edison and Kyoto?

Everyone have heard of the name, Thomas Alva Edison, the famous american inventor in 20th century who influenced the world a lot. And, everyone have heard of the name, Kyoto Japan, the prefecture with full of historical buildings and traditional arts and food. The  inventor from Ohio U.S. , Thomas Alva Edison and the Japanese prefecture, Kyoto? How are they related?

There are  hints hidden in his invention and one city in Kyoto. Let me explain you how are they related together.



Yawata-city in Kyoto

One hint is in Yawata city is located in west part of Kyoto, sharing the boarder with Osaka prefecture, and is very famous for Iwashimizu Hachiman Shrine, which are 3 shrines in Japan including Ise Jingu Shrine and Kamo Shrine. At the foot of Otokoyama mountain, which Iwashimizu Hachiman Shrine is located at the top of it, there is a small shopping district called “Edison Street”. There is also an bronze status of him at the “Edison Street”. They got monument of Edison as well at the Iwashimizu Hachiman Shrine!They got monument of Edison as well at the Iwashimizu Hachiman Shrine!

Sounds like Yawata-city got something related to Thomas Edison…hummm…



Thomas Edison’s invention

He developed many things including photographs and motion picture camera that has influenced the life around the world a lot.  From those developments are inventions he has done in 20th century, the long-lasting electric light bulb is the most famous that had lighten up the world and shifted people’s life.  To make the light bulb as long-lasting one, Edison and his colleagues knew they need an improvement in filaments, and they struggled, tried thousands of materials  to find the best one.



Okay, so…

can you guess what the best material was for Edison’s long-lasting light bulb?

It was the bamboo from Otokoyama mountain in Yawata-city!



Do you see the connection? There is also a beautiful cherry blossom forests by the river lying 10 minutes walk from “Edison street”, which is located in front of Keihan Yawata-shi station. It is the perfect season to visit!

Write it up as one of the bucket list of your travel in Kyoto! It’s very worth visiting there!


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