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Kyoto where “Memories of a Geisha” was filmed


Memories of a Geisha

If you are a big fan of Japanese culture, you might have seen the movie “Memories of Geisha ” before. It was released in 2005, was nominated for 6 Academy awards and won 3titles: Best Cinematography, Best Costume and Best Art Direction.

“Memories of Geisha” tells a story of a girl Chiyo, who is sold by her family  to an Okiya, Geisha house.  This movie is about her struggle as a Geisha and it attracts

Some scenes were filmed in Kyoto so if you really like this movie, Kyoto is  worth visiting to experience location of filming. If you haven’t seen this movie, you should take time to watch this movie. Your trip in Kyoto will be more fun and exciting!

In this article, I will introduce you 4 important locations where the movie was filmed.


Fushimiinari Shrine

Fushimiinari shrine

When Chiyo decided to become a Geisha, she ran through thousand gates in Fushimi Inari Shrine. This Red Ogange gates called Torii continues over 4kilo meters with more than one thousand gates.  Running though these gates is one of the most impressive scene so you can’t miss this experience.

◯ Access: JR “Inari Station” 5minutes from “Kyoto Station” (140JPY)

◯ Business Hour: morning-evening


Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

bamboo st

When Sayuri, a main character of this movie, attends cherry blossoms ceremony, she passed this street by car. In the movie, it was really cool to pass through this street at night. If you don’t have any plan in the evening, please visit here at night. Take your time and relax in this Bamboo Grove.


◯ Access: JR “Saga Arashiyama Station” 15minutes from “Kyoto Station” (240JPY)

◯ Business Hour: morning-evening


Yoshimine Temple

Yoshimine temple

In the movie, Sayuri has been loving a master “Kaicho” but she hasn’t have chance to tell her love.  She visited this temple for fulfillment of her love. If you want to wish for love fortune, let’s visit this temple as she did in the movie.

◯ Access: JR “Yoshiminedera” 30minutes from JR “Muko Station” by Hankyu bus #66,

◯ Business Hour: 8am-5pm

◯Entrance fee: 500JPY


Heianjingu Shrine


When Sayuri felt sad, she walked the bridge in Heianjingu shrine. This shrine has a huge pond and there is a bridge across this pond. The pond and garden are beautiful and it’s a good place to think of yourself.


◯ Access: JR “Okazakikoen Bijyutsukan Heianjingu Mae” 30minutes from Kyoto Station by bus #5 (230JPY)

◯ Business Hour: 8:30am-5:30pm

◯Entrance fee: 600JPY


“Memories of Geisha” is not just  about Geisha but it’s also a great movie which tells you the beauty of Kyoto.  If you see around Kyoto, you will feel as if you are in the world of movie.


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