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4 places where Sakura will be in full bloom in the end of April


Video of Sakura in Kyoto Kawaramachi area and Kiyamachi area

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The best season to visit Kyoto has come!

Now you can see full blown Sakura. Anywhere in the city is really crowded with tourists in order to see the beautiful scenery with lovely pink flowers.

Kyoto is really famous for colored leaves in Autumn, but Sakura season is still the busiest time in a year.

However, do you know only for one week in a year you can see such a beautiful scenery. Although a lot of people book a trip to Kyoto in the season, sometimes all flowers have fallen as a result of rain. It is actually pretty hard to see full blown Sakura.


So,  I will let you know four great places where you can see full blown Sakura in the end of April. Have a pleasant journey to Kyoto with your family or friend or partner!


1. Ninnaji


Sakura in Ninnaji is called “Omuro Sakura”, and it has been popular since more than 400 years. Sakura there has a relatively short tree and row on row of petals, so it looks really pretty.

During the Sakura Festival held when Sakura come into bloom, you can get in the temple for free!

Ninnaji official Website

Open: 9:00-17:00

Access: A 15-minute walk from Omuro Ninnaji JR Bus stop

A 5-minute walk from Omuro Ninnaji station of Keifuku Line


2. Arashiyama /Hozugawa



This is one of the most famous spot for seeing Sakura. As it is located in the north area, you can see the beautiful scenery a little later than in other area.

The highlight of sightseeing in this area is to take Sagano Scenic Railway. You can see beautiful Sakura from the train on the both sides of window.

Another place you must visit is Arashiyama Monkey Park Iwatayama. We posted the video on HOW TO KYOTO before, so you can check it out from the back number!

◎Sagano Scenic Railway official Website 

◎Hozugawa-Kudari official Website


3. Kamigamo Jinja


Usually you can enjoy Sakura until May. If  you do not have a chance to visit Kyoto in the beginning of April, you must check this place!

It is really traditional shrine and a world heritage site of UNESCO.

◎Kamigamo Jinja official Website

Open: 24 hours

Access: get off at “Kamigamojinja-mae” on the line 4, 46, 67 of Kyoto City Bus

or at “Kamigamojinja-mae” on the line 30, 32, 34, 35, Express 36, 37 of Kyoto Bus


4. Kurama-dera


If you want to enjoy more than Sakura, Kurama-dera is worth visiting!

This temple is on the mountain. You can climb up by the cable car or by walking. But, make sure not walk up at evening.

The popular Sakura here is “Uzu Sakura”, which looks like bell. You can see the cute Sakura in front of the main building.

◎Kyoto City official travel guide “Kurama-dera”

Open: 9:00-16:30

Fee: 200 yen (160 yen for the cable car)

Access: get off at Kurama station on the Eizan Railway


Enjoy your favorite Sakura!

There are a number of place where you can enjoy Sakura. If you have a chance to come to Kyoto every year, you can see around different places each year, or you can visit your favorite place every year.

Have a romantic time in Kyoto with full blown Sakura!

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