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The World's Hottest Spice is actually in KYOTO


“The Spiciest food in the world is actually in Kyoto”


When you think of spicy food, you will come up with “Green Chili” or “Red Chili” . However, the world spiciest food is actually “Maiko-Han HeHe” in Kyoto.

It’s a blend of Japanese spices but it’s extraordinary spicy .

For those who love spicy food, it’s worth trying but for those who don’t like spicy food, it’s not too much to say it’s “dangerous”.

One day , I wondered how spicy it is so I tried it.


The Shop is in Nishiki Market


You can get this spice “Maiko-han-hehe” in Sannenzaka, Arishiyama and Nishiki market.

This time, I tried the one in Nishiki market. It locates middle of market so you can easily find the store. At the store, you can try various kinds of Japanese spices for free.

After tasting, you can choose and mix your favorite spices and make your own original spice.


Maiko-han He-He


The spiciest one in this shop is “Maiko Han He-He”.

It is made of Japanese Habanero pepper and It’s really really spicy. If you can’t handle spicy foods, you shouldn’t try it because you may have stomachache with this spice.

The red can only has 10 grams of Maiko Han HeHe but just a spoonful of it is enough to enjoy it. It fits all kinds of Japanese foods such as Udon noodle, Rice bowl or hot pot.


The spiciest food I have ever eaten

Ichimi on noodle

Normally, we only put a tea spoon of “Maiko Han HeHe”on udon noodle but I wondered “How spicy it’s gonna be if I get a lot ?” so I sprinkled whole can of “Maiko Han HeHe”.

In my life, I haven’t had such a spicy food. It is more than just spicy but it makes me sick.

I managed to finish Udon with Maiko Han HeHe but soon after this challenge, I get stomachache.

The lesson of this challenge was, “Just a teaspoon of Maiko Han HeHe is enough, if you get more,  you will be sick “

If you want to check if it is true, check out my video on the top of this page!

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