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Wear a Kimono and Enjoy Sight Seeing in Kyoto


When you are at Kyoto, the classic ancient city, you might want to try something new !

I recommend you to try Kimono and go out sightseeing. You can totally experience culture of Japan. Unlike the other traditional clothes, Kimono has so many layers, which is hard to put on by oneself, having taken the pains to visit Kyoto, try the traditional kimono and explore the city !

Compared to other tourists cities in Japan,  it is likely to catch sight of even youngsters wearing kimono and exploring the city in Kyoto. Even locals do that.


Ancient City with Kimono Matches Perfectly !


( Photo taken by Yumeyakata )

Some say Kimono is an art, and I do agree. Kimono is a combination of Belt, Obijime (Banding), Obiage(Obi sash)which are made out of different fabrics and texture. Kimono is not a simple clothes of one piece dress with Belt. You can also put your hair up and wear Kanzashi (Ornamental hairpin) to match your Kimono.


Hair up to match with Kimono !


( Photo taken by Yumeyakata )

These are the places I recommend to rent a Kimono. These are located in the city center, so you can stop by before going out for sight seeing.


夢館 ゆめやかた/ YUMEYAKATA

Special Discount maximum 50 % if you make a reservation !

If you want to be a Maiko or Geisha this is the place !


◆ Yukata (Summer Kimono) ¥3500 (tax not included)

Available from beginning of June until beginning of September.

◆  Rental Kimono ¥5000 (tax not included)

– 50% discount for reservation. ( Please check the website for more information )

◆ Maiko experience with one studio photo ¥8500 (tax not included)

– Please come to the store before 17:00.

◆ Hair Set ¥3000〜

– 50% discount for reservation. (Please come to the store before 16:30 )


Open Hour : 10:00-20:00 (Last visit to the store at 18:00 )

※ Please return Kimono before 19:30.

TEL : 075-354-8515

Web Page : http://www.yumeyakata.com/english/index.html

Location :3 minutes walk from Subway Gojio Station Exit 1.

Map : http://www.yumeyakata.com/information/map/map_eng.html

Yumeyakata -Kimono Rental



とこ都古 / toko toko

Few Steps from Subway Gojio Station.

If you are taking subway, this place is very convenient.


◆ Rental Kimono for ladies ¥2500 ( Tax not included )

◆ Hair Set ¥1500 ( Tax not included, only for ladies )

◆ Rental Kimono for gentlemen ¥3500 ( Tax not Included )


Open Hour : 9:00 – 20:00 ( 9:30 – 17:00 Kimono dress up )

※ Please return Kimono before 19:30

Tel : 075-353-7793

Web Page : http://tokotoko-kyoto.com/

Location : Few Steps from Subway Gojio Station, Exit 2.
Store is on the 6th Floor

Map :




TekuTeku Kyoto

Antique to modern styles, variety of rental Kimono store .


◆ TekuTeku Plan ¥4980 (additional 1000yen for over night rental )

◆ Hair Set ¥1020 ( Reservation required)

◆ Kantan Plan (Kimono, Belt and Obi are selected already) ¥2980

◆ Men’s plan ¥4980 (additional 1000 yen for over night rental )


web page : http://tekutekukyoto.com/en/

Tel : 090-2971-6761

Map : http://tekutekukyoto.com/en/access/

◇ Karasuma Store

Open Hour : 10:00-21:00

※ Please return Kimono before 20:30


◇ Kiyomizu Store

Open Hour 10:00-19:30

※ Please return Kimono before 19:00



Okamoto Kimono for Tourists ・ Kimono Dressing Shop

Located in near Kiyomizu Temple which is one of the famous tourist place in Kyoto.

Dress up on the way to go to Kiyomizu Temple !


◆ Set Plan ¥3000 ( Tax not included )

◆ Select Plan ¥4000 ( Tax not included )

◆ Full-Scale Attire Plan ¥5000 ( Tax not included )

◆ Men’s Kimono Plan ¥4000 ( Tax not included )


Open Hour : 9:00 – 20:00

※ Please return Kimono before 18:30

Tel : Main Sore 075-525-0177

Kiyomizuzaka Store 075-525-7115

Gionkodaiji Store 075-531-7890

Web Page : http://www.okamoto-kimono.com/english/index.html

Map : http://www.okamoto-kimono.com/english/map/index.html

Main Store


Not only wearing a Kimono, but also try Maiko to experience the beauty of Japan.

It is getting warmer in Kyoto, and will be summer festivals coming soon !

Enjoy your stay in Kyoto.


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